Euro Millions Lottery

However, with the launch of lottery ticket sales agents you can now acquire your desired amount of Euro Millions tickets via the web regardless of where you are located worldwide.

On 8 February 2008, the Super Draw jackpot of 130 million was collected by sixteen persons who matched the 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star number. As an e-Lottery syndicate member you play with a thirty-six times greater prospect of securing the jackpot when compared to all those people purchasing tickets in the normal manner. New rules brought in on the 9th of February 2007 limit the quantity of successive rollovers to eleven, with the jackpot rolling down to lower prize levels in the eleventh draw if the prize is not won. Discover the advantages of playing the UK National Lottery and the El Gordo as an e-lottery syndicate member. The difference with Super Draws is that the jackpot must be won during the week of the draw; as a result, if no ticket matches all the drawn numbers then the jackpot will be rolled down to the next winning prize tier.

. If you are looking for a boost in your Euromillions odds, you may also consider joining an e-Lottery EuroMillions syndicate.

In August 2007, a forty year old ex- Royal Mail postal officer from Scotland scooped a Euro lotto jackpot of 52.6 million. With e-Lottery there are very few geographic obstacles restricting individuals from registering and as a result the existing membership is made up of persons from no fewer than 133 worldwide nations.

EuroMillions Playing Options

The probability of picking up the Euro Millions jackpot is a distant 1 in 76 million but the chances of winning a cash prize is a fairly decent 1 in 24. Up to now, this is the biggest lottery win of all time in the UK.

The new rules also initiated Euro lottery “Super Draws” which happen twice every year and present jackpots in the region of 100 million.

How To Play The EuroMillions Lottery

Normally, to play the Euro Millions you would have to be a resident of one of the nine participating member countries. A rise in the quantity of individuals partaking in the Euro Millions lottery will lead to a continuing increase of the already considerable EuroMillions jackpots. In November 2006, having rolled over eleven times, the Euro lotto jackpot reached 183 million and was split between 20 lucky ticket purchasers. During the draw, 5 main and 2 lucky star numbers are then picked at random from two draw machines containing numbered balls. Gavin is also a leading affiliate for the e-Lottery Syndicate System.

About the Author:

Gavin Evans is a full time internet marketer living in the market town of Cowbridge in South Wales, UK. The UK, France and Spain were the only three countries participating from the outset but lotteries from Austria, Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland also came on board in October 2004.

The Euro Millions was in the beginning set up by the national lotteries of France, Spain and the UK and was launched on Saturday The 7th of February 2004. With the amount of nations joining the European Union increasing, this will clearly lead to new states signing up to the EuroMillions lottery.

The EuroMillions lotto or the Euro lottery, as it is often known, gathers the stakes of the nine partaking European countries resulting in a mammoth Euro Millions jackpot. The first draw was on Friday the 13th of February 2004 in Paris. If the jackpot is not won in a given week, it is carried forward to the following week which leads to an ever increasing Euro Millions prize fund.

EuroMillions Prizes And Odds

A Selection Of The Top Euro Millions Wins

Each player must choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 9

Betting tipsters: Should you use them?

Some tipsters cover a variety of sports while others, such as Inside Gambler (horse racing), specialize in a specific sport.

Second, tipsters offer bettors relevant and useful information so that they can make better decisions. In sports betting, information is power. Good tipsters not only help you to allocate your betting capital, they save you time. Bookmakers are forced to place odds on most events. Third, bookmakers often mis-price odds in the marketplace. Without sound advice, you could be betting in the dark. A good tipster can spot these frequent errors or miscalculations and convey value to bettors.

While sports is estimated as a $300 billion industry, experts believe that sports betting is close to a $400 billion industry. However, punters have the option of only placing wagers when they perceive that they can beat the odds.

There are several advantages to following an effective (and profitable) sports tipster. First, by placing a wager, you are placing your hard-earned capital at risk which means that, just like in the stock market, it is better to make a decision when you possess a (tangible) competitive advantage. Tipsters have all the time to analyze a complex set of data whereas punters dont.

Here are tips for following a betting tipster:

Assess a tipsters claims on his track record.Does the tipster possess considerable knowledge about the sport they cover? Does their betting methodology seem analytically sound, and is their thesis plausible? Dont fall prey to a phony.Does the tipster produce more winning sessions than losing ones over a period of time?. Most punters cannot dedicate the same amount of hours in order to acquire the same insights that tipsters possess.

Finally, tipsters follow emerging trends and patterns. They acquire inside information, tips, and insights that are not readily accessible by the general public. The sheer size of the market has attracted a variety of tipping vendors to set up shop, and they typically charge a subscription fee for their advice. Thus, bettors pay a small fee in order to compensate the tipster/advisor for his time (and expertise)

Sports Betting: Vegas odds for the 2012 WSOP ‘Octo-Nine’

Currently 10-to-1.

Betting odds vary by sports book and casino, but with no well known pros at the final table to skew the odds in either direction they basically follow the size of the individual chip stacks. Currently 6-to-1.Steven Gee, age 57, (16.86 million). Currently 10-to-1.Jeremy Ausmus, age 32, (9.8 million). Currently 7-to-2.Gregory Merson, age 24, (28.72 million). Currently 7-to-1.Michael Esposito, age 43, (16.26 million). Odds will change as the event approaches and will swing widely as players are eliminated and stack sizes grow.

For poker players and fans, the next best thing to being at the 2012 World Series of Poker final table is having the chance to bet on the next Main Event bracelet winner and new World Champ. Currently the favorite at 3-to-1.Andras Koroknai, age 30, (29.37 million). World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. Currently 9-to-1.Jacob Balsiger, age 21, (13.11 million). See you at the tables.

In recent years the last nine players of the WSOP Main Event have been dubbed the November Nine. Currently 4-to-1.Russel Thomas, age 24, (24.80 million). The event will take place October 29 and 30 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

The Main Event finalists are: (ranked according to stack size)

Jesse Sylvia, age 26, (43.87 million). Las Vegas sports books are gearing up to give poker enthusiasts just that chance.

This year’s Main Event winner will take home $8,527,982 in cash and the coveted WSOP bracelet. Currently 8-to-1.Robert Salaburu, age 27, (15.15 million). To avoid conflicts with this year’s presidential election, the WSOP rescheduled the final table to October. To learn more about the WSOP, the 2012 Main Event and complete player profiles visit . All nine players at the 2012 WSOP final table are guaranteed a minimum $754,798 for their efforts.. Many poker enthusiasts now refer to this year’s final table players as the Octo-Nine

Football betting – how to win regularly does exactly what it says by offering FREE tips on a range of sports including football (UK and European); horse racing and big televised sports.

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Using a wide range of football stats, the experts can predict accurately football results

Tutorials On Sports Betting

A superior tutorial should be of great advantage to the trainee who is learning to regard the bets obtainable in sports.. This is reasonable for saying that nearly all of the people impracticable to betting on games would have felt little uncomfortable while they placed their initial bets on sporting occasions such as baseball, football, baseball and horse racing. A superior tutorial will illustrate that there is not anything to be scared of with stares to betting, but this can be a fear the initial time.

Placing a wager or bet on a sporting or match tie is a perfect way to add pleasure to game, sports betting is a tremendously popular passing time for games fans all over the world. A fine betting tutorial will begin their lessons from very beginning, and impressive that concerns many latest sports fans is money that people will place on the wage and this goes through the name of stake. This should be explicated clearly in any tutorial in order to provide the clearest data to any existing or new gambling fan.

As well, a betting tutorial might be helpful for a skilled gambler who desires to learn further about the innovative betting opportunities that include arisen from the online or perhaps desire to stay advanced with phrases and jargon. This can be able to seen when switching stuck between fractional and decimal style odds, with only choice being either one feels finest for the purchaser. That supposed there is always space to improve the abilities involved in sports betting so sports betting tutorial probably useful for lots of people involved in this industry. Tutorials of sports betting should also clarify how the dissimilar odds relate to all other and that here is no financial profit to be complete from using one approach of odds over other

Enabling Sports Betting Via The Internet

The great thing about this site is that it is user-friendly and easily navigable.

PartyPoker Poker Tournaments evoke the ultimate thrill in poker, irrespective of the fact that you are playing a few 100s or 100,000s dollars. The tournaments in PartyPoker include the sit & go, Multi-table, Shootouts, heads up, shootout-satellites and Bounty tournaments, all add to the thrill.

It has a devoted team of skilled professionals for the service to their clients. More than anything else, the people who wager bets realize that, their account is secure, as the company utilizes a system that ensures that all payments are carried out correctly and securely.

For a punter to be eligible to free bet bonuses on 888sport he will need to register and open an account with the site. They offers their customers not just the option to partake in online football or online horse racing betting, which are their forte, but they also offer the set up for online sports betting from rugby to swimming or for that matter, even specific bets on the winner of the Oscars and the Elections for the presidency. They have an exclusive I-card, using which, participating in online horse betting takes the client on to a very different dimension.

888sport believes to be one of the excellent online betting sites, because it offers wonderful betting offers ranging from a new customers welcome bonus on his initial deposit to different kinds of promotional bonuses that blend sports betting online with programs and prizes that the client would like to take part in. It includes an extensive variety of sports betting. They also run the European Poker Tour, which many consider the worlds richest poker tour.

At 888sport, they cover any kind and any amount of betting on various games like cricket, football and other sports, inclusive of politics and TV bets for programs like Big Brother and X-Factor.

The site also provides live sport betting odds for several events as they occur daily, permitting their customers to view the event and bet on the result as the game goes on, thereby making the site one of the best. In live betting, you can keep up with the game and wager a bet at any time when you feel you have a feel of the game and how things would be going.

Many of the more experienced people, who wager bets, prefer 888spport because they find that betting can be faster on this site. PokerStars also conduct WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP tournaments as also the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-up tournaments, which attract the best in online poker. While on the subject of gambling, PokerStars poker tournaments are famous for their variety of games and buy-in levels. With 888sport, the customer will have something to look forward to, other than just the excitement of winning.. In addition, the site gives the better the chance to have complete control of his account, but they do interfere if the bettor wants help to restrict his spending. It offers up to 20 pounds of free bets for new registrants who take part in sports bet and for those inveterate gamblers, they give away amounts up to 200 pounds that the novice can utilize in the poker or casino segments of the site.

The 888sport was born in the year 2008. He would have to place his initial bet, and if he does not win, he will get back his money. It allowed its clients who loved playing poker, roulette, backgammon, bingo and various other casino gambling games, to participate in sports betting via the Internet. The best place for qualifying for the five top World Championships in Online poker, normally, originates here. For poker specialists, it is the thrill of the game, how they outsmart their opponents and walk away with prize money that counts

Odds comparison help you win

I know that you may believe the fact that, in time, betting can become addictive but fun is also addictive, isn’t it? So what is the big difference? There isn’t any if you asked me. Placing bets has become a regular thing and tends to become more and more popular due to the fact that, with the right bet, you can win a great deal of money and you can also make the bets right from the comfort of your home. You can also check out the dropping odds and the upcoming events from many sports like football, tennis or basketball. . What you should really take into consideration are the odds comparison. Checking out the dropping odds will prevent you from betting on the wrong team or sports person and stop losing all that money that you usually lose when betting and basing on your own intuition.

One of the main things that you should keep in mind when placing bets is the fact that you should not choose the team according to your own preferences. In just a matter of seconds and with just a couple of clicks you could do so. You can learn how to do the entire process of betting right from the website and before you even know it your betting account will start to increase significantly.

With just a couple of clicks you can gain access to a multitude of odds. There you can check out the dropping odds, the sports and the upcoming events as well.

We all enjoy the adrenaline that we feel whenever we place a sports bet. The best thing about the website is the fact that it is always updated, you can always check out the dropping odds and decide when to bet and which team or sports person to bet on.

Once you decide taking your betting pleasure on another level take into consideration finding the website that will give you the possibility to check out the dropping odds. You will be able to see which team has most chances of winning and by which score as well. In order to avoid losing a great deal of money and really find pleasure in placing bets you ought to consider odds comparison. How so? There are specialized websites that offer you a wide range of information related to odds comparison as well as the dropping odds from many sports. In no time you can save a great deal of money and you will be able to take your family in a little vacation or allow yourselves other little treats. This will only lead to losing a lot more money. Both of them help you relax and enjoy little pleasures of life. Not only will you have financial benefits, you will also start to have the satisfaction of winning. This is the only way you could get closer to winning. So do not hesitate to search for the online betting odds providers.

Author’s Bio:

If you are searching for odds comparison you can start your hunt online. The thing is that most of the times we bet based on our intuition and very rarely happens that we manage to win something. Only after checking out the odds comparison will you be able to make a correct decision regarding the betting

Andy Murray: Gambling sponsorship deals in tennis are ‘hypocritical’

William Hill became the first-ever gambling sponsor at a Grand Slam event when it signed a deal with the Australian Open a couple months ago. He also spent most of his post-match press conference answering questions about the story Tuesday, just as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer did the previous day.

No player were named in the report because a direct link between them and the gamblers is not proven. “Because I don’t believe the players are allowed to be sponsored by betting companies but then the tournaments are. player Steve Johnson said a gambling sponsorship is “kind of weird” and likened it to an event he knows of in Dusseldorf where there was a tournament-sponsored drink that was placed in the player locker rooms — even though if a player drank it, he would test positive for a performance enhancer.

. Murray said he was aware of some of the details in the report — the 2007 match-fixing scandal that had already been covered — but not other parts, such as gambling syndicates in Sicily.

“As a player you just want to be made aware kind of everything that’s going on,” Murray said. That not only is hypocritical, it encourages more betting on the sport. I think the more proactive you are with educating young players the better on matters like this.”

Another important thing tennis could do is not take money from gambling sponsors. But I’m always very curious with that stuff across all sports, as well. “I think we deserve to know everything that’s out there. I think it’s a bit strange.”

Call it hypocritical or call it strange, it’s certainly ironic to see a sponsorship logo for the gambling company William Hill displayed at the Australian Open when it is under a cloud of controversy due to the Buzzfeed/BBC report that there is wide-spread match-fixing in men’s tennis. “If they sponsor a sport, they will try everything to make sure there is no corruption.

MELBOURNE — Is it proper for a tennis tournament to take a sponsorship deal from a gambling company? Andy Murray doesn’t think so.

“I think it’s a little bit hypocritical, really,” Murray said. “You have to be proactive, I think, with things like this and go and speak to the players rather than them reading about it in the newspapers or listening to it on the TV or the radio. According to the story, authorities have been warned there is a core of 16 players suspected of fixing, all of whom have been ranked in the Top 50 at some point, half of whom were entered in this tournament, and one of whom was a US Open champion.

As Milos Raonic said of the shadow cast over the tournament, “It’s a little bit, sorry for the language, sh—-y to read that and sort of see that the attention of the first Grand Slam of the year is more on that than I think the Australian Open.”

The Buzzfeed/BBC story caught Murray’s attention enough that he tweeted a link to the piece. And that, in turn, only increases the chances that some gambler might tempt a player to throw a match.

Stan Wawrinka, however, says that a gambling sponsor can actually be a positive.

“Corruption is a problem for gambling websites, too,” he said. I think sports could in general be much, much more transparent.”

Murray said that despite the negative aspect of the story, perhaps it could be a good thing for discouraging young players from ever considering such a thing.

“I just think that it should be tennis that does a better job of explaining — they shouldn’t have to read it in the press,” he said. I don’t really understand how it all works. So it could be something good for the tennis. It also was a sponsor in the tournaments leading into the major: Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney and the Hopman Cup. You know, some of it will be true; some of it might not be true. The big companies can come to the tennis and make sure there is no corruption because they lose out of money when there is a problem.”

That makes some sense but is it completely a good thing? U.S

Contagious Gaming Signs Affiliate Deal With Pronto Gaming Ltd. | Reuters

Merighi is also a partner of Cake Group Entertainment, an International gaming technology company, offering regulated gaming solutions and content on a global basis.

Pronto will distribute, Goal Time to its gaming and sports media network across in Northern and Eastern Europe, and Asia, providing access to a significant database of active players. Mr.

About Pronto

The Company cautions that the foregoing list of material factors is not exhaustive. The words “may”, “could”, “should”, “would”, “suspect”, “outlook”, “believe”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “expect”, “intend”, “plan”, “target” and similar words and expressions are used to identify forwardlooking information. When relying on the Company’s forward-looking information to make decisions, investors and others should carefully consider the foregoing factors and other uncertainties and potential events. Merighi also created the Fabio Capello Index, a unique sports analytics platform, used in evaluating professional soccer player’s live in-play performance. WHILE THE COMPANY MAY ELECT TO, IT DOES NOT UNDERTAKE TO UPDATE THIS INFORMATION AT ANY PARTICULAR TIME.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Nov. (TSX VENTURE:CNS) (“Contagious Gaming” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Contagious Sports Ltd. Pronto adds additional strength in distribution across key regulated markets in Northern and Central Europe” He added: “This affiliate relationship will contribute to expand the comingled jackpots in Europe alongside partners like Trinity Mirror Group.”. The forward-looking information in this news release describes the Company’s expectations as of the date of this news release.

Contagious Gaming Inc.


Goal Time is Contagious Gaming’s proprietary live in-play pari-mutuel sports betting product powered by its in-house developed BOMA gaming platform and official sports data provided by industry leader Satellite Information Services. The Company is a first mover in the roll-out of digital instant lottery content in the United States. 14, 2014) -

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Certain information in this news release is considered forward-looking within the meaning of certain securities laws and is subject to important risks, uncertainties and assumptions. The Company is currently focused on deploying its first-to-market lottery-style sports betting platform in the United Kingdom and its proprietary digital instant lottery content in United States and other international jurisdictions. For more information on Contagious Gaming please visit Material factors which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from such forward-looking information include, among others, risks arising from general economic conditions and adverse industry events.

THE FORWARD-LOOKING INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS NEWS RELEASE REPRESENTS THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE COMPANY AS OF THE DATE OF THIS NEWS RELEASE AND, ACCORDINGLY, IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AFTER SUCH DATE. Pronto’s founder is Chicco Merighi, a digital sports and gaming entrepreneur and founder of, the one of the largest football website in the world. The Affiliate Agreement has an initial term of three years from the date Goal Time is launched on Pronto’s affiliate networks (the “Affiliate Networks”), after which it shall automatically continue for an additional three years unless any party provides a written notice to terminate with no less than thirty days’ notice.Under the Affiliate Agreement Pronto is bound by and is required to observe at all times the Contagious Sports License Conditions and Codes of Practice overseen by the UK Gambling Commission. Goal Time is the first sports betting product to allow players to make bets live in-play during Premier League football matches as they chase a dynamic lottery-style jackpot.

About Contagious Gaming

Contagious Gaming Inc. READERS SHOULD NOT PLACE UNDUE IMPORTANCE ON FORWARDLOOKING INFORMATION AND SHOULD NOT RELY UPON THIS INFORMATION AS OF ANY OTHER DATE. (“Pronto”) pursuant to which Pronto has been appointed by Contagious Sports as one its agent’s to sell, distribute and promote its live in-play pari-mutuel sports betting platform knows as Goal Time (“Goal Time”) within its network (the “Affiliate Agreement”). Mr.

Peter Glancy, CEO and Director, commented: “We are pleased to welcome Pronto to our growing network of distribution partners for Goal Time. Pronto has been in operations since 2008 as the principal marketing and distribution arm to several companies in the gaming and sport’s sectors. However, the list of these factors is not exhaustive and is subject to change and there can be no assurance that such assumptions will reflect the actual outcome of such items or factors.

About Goal Time

The results or events anticipated or predicted in such forward-looking information may differ materially from actual results or events. The Company has assumed a certain progression, which may not be realized. (“Contagious Sports”) has entered into an affiliate sales agreement with Pronto Games Ltd. It has also assumed that the material factors referred to in the previous paragraph will not cause such forward-looking information to differ materially from actual results or events. (TSX VENTURE:CNS) is a rapidly emerging developer of unique and engaging software solutions for regulated gaming and lottery markets around the world. This forwardlooking information includes, among other things, information with respect to the Company’s beliefs, plans, expectations, anticipations, estimates and intentions

HOW TO STOP GAMBLING: Belief And Attitude

Imagine yourself free of the grips gambling has on you. Clement Stone once noted “Whatever The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve”

Please note: Belief and Attitude Alone will not solve a gambling problem alone.

First, as you probably already know, our beliefs influence both our mood and our actions.

Along with our belief, our attitude must be adjusted to the right frequency.

With that said, when we approach a program of recovery, (whether it be a meeting, coaching session, or the like) with an open mind and a trusting spirit, we add strength to ourselves and our recovery.

The FACT you’re reading this article right now is proof you’ve already achieved the first step. As I mentioned before, there are many aspects to overcoming a gambling addiction.

The next step is to BELIEVE you can stop gambling.

This is easier said than done.

At the beginning of recovery, some of us battle with this truth.

This is easily understandable because for some of us, our gambling had beaten us down so many times and so much force, that we came to believe we were unable to stop our gambling.

To learn more about his coaching and get his complimentary ebook,

visit today.

The second step is having the desire to stop gambling.

If you lack this desire, please stop reading now and reevaluate what’s most important to you.

Wouldn’t this attitude set ourselves up for success rather than failure?

The very first step in overcoming a gambling problem, is to admit there is a problem. Unfortunately, some people never make it to this very first step.

However, tuning both our belief and attitude to the right frequencies gives us an excellent head start on the right path.

Author’s Bio:

Jason is a former compulsive gambler, author, and certified personal coach.

He’s been helping problem gamblers stop gambling and build renewed, happier lives for almost 6 years.

By Jason Coleman, Certified Professional Life Coach


Your rating: None Average: 3.3 (3 votes)

Overcoming A Gambling Problem involves many techniques and methods.

Some are simple, some more complex.

Some are external,such as our actions, and others are internal.

Today, we’ll be covering two internal aspects: Belief and Attitude.

As you read on, you’re going to discover how to better ensure your success in beating gambling, by properly preparing your mind.

BUT, the FACT that this author, along with thousands of Americans alone have permanently overcome their gambling addictions is PROOF that you can too.

Henry Ford said “Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Can’t, You Are Right”

What if instead we opened up, if just a little bit, and decided to consider what’s being suggested to us? What if we said to ourselives “This worked for the person sharing it with me along with thousands of others, so it must work for me too”

W. Picture the peace, happiness, and money you’d have if gambling were no longer an issue for you.

The image you have in your mind, can be your reality….and it starts by believing..

So, right now, as you sit in front of your computer reading this article, I challenge you to suspend the belief that you cannot stop gambling, because you can.

The only thing that lies in your way, is the knowledge and action that we gained and took that led to our permanent freedom from gambling.

Imagine for a moment that you can stop gambling. If a suggestion sent our way is met by a “I don’t want to do that” or “That’s absurd” attitude, are we just setting ourselves up for failure?

Unfortunately, believing is simply not enough